Streamer Walls

Streamer walls are constructed using a mix of plastic, mylar and paper fringe. The framing and base support rental (if needed) will be included in the cost and will be picked up after your event. 

Available Add Ons (fees apply):

  • Balloon Garlands

  • Balloon Foil Shapes (shapes, themed icons, etc.)

  • Honeycombs or Paper Fans

  • Signs 

Balloon Bedroom Surprise

Whether it’s a bride or birthday room surprise, we can customize this set up to coordinate with your theme or event.


It includes ceiling balloons, loose bed balloons and letters if desired.

Available Add-ons:

  • Foil Balloon Shapes or Characters

  • Foil Balloon Numbers

  • Foil Balloon Letters

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 10.08.53 PM.png

Pool Balloons

We use 24″ or 36″ balloons for our pool installs and will mix sizes.


Standard Balloons: With Helium (floating above surface): 



Standard Balloons: Without Helium (resting on surface):